You planned hard to put out the best possible post on Facebook to create a “Top Story”. You check your news feed and there it is. But this is only the start of what you have to do to really make this post successful. Watch the video below to get more insight.



Here is the problem with marketing on Facebook in the first place. The default setting for everyone’s New Feed is set on “Top Story”. If you know how, you can change the setting to most recent and see more of your friend’s posts. Most people don’t know that this setting exists and they are doomed to consume “Top Stories” only.

To make it to the Facebook News Feed in the first place, you have to work hard to make your post a Top Story. If you don’t create a Top Story, you are wasting your marketing time.

But after you do create a Top Story, is it important to do more? It is what you do after creating a Top Story that really matters for the posts visibility. Liking comments and engaging others with comments is a must to make sure your post gains greater momentum and visibility. Your post can continue to gain likes, shares and comments throughout the day. Marketing on Facebook is not a “Post And Run” strategy folks.

So when someone comments or likes the post, please make sure you thank them and engage them where possible. Remember that Facebook Edgerank is looking for interactions. By making more interactions with others, you will stay in their news feed. You can also keep that post “Top” all through the day. And when you do, Facebook will give you a bump in the evening because you were popular all day long.

Your challenge will be time to do this. You might want to plan a specific time to be around to propel a post further along on Facebook. You can even do it from your smart phone using Facebook Pages app. Yes your phone will be critical in the process. Make sure you have the Facebook Pages App on your smart phone. This app will make it much easier to make this process happen.

So here’s to a great day of business for you. Any questions? Please ask. Make those Top Stories even better on your Facebook Page.