It’s been a busy Fall and I thought I would take this brief break to update you on what’s happening and what I am seeing. Here’s the social media news from Halifax and all over in a nutshell.

There are many social media programs for business being delivered right now all over Nova Scotia. I am delivering several programs in Stewiacke, Truro, Cole Harbour, Halifax and Spryfield. They range from beginner level to the more advanced level.

One of my greatest challenges so far is getting good Internet. I tried to run a cable from Truro, but the line broke – just teasing. Internet is critical for business and critical for what I do.

I am currently help out the Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers program to acquire Aviva Community Funding for 2014. This involves encouraging people to vote everyday throughout the various stages. The hardest issue I have so far is convincing people that the Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers program is a great cause that they need to support.

Much of what the Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers does is behind the scenes. I fear that if they do not get the funding they need, we will see more crime out on the street. Aviva can help them get the necessary funding to keep going. If you are passionate about creating success and safety in your community, you can watch this video, vote and share the link with others.

Here’s the link to go and vote right now: Aviva Community Funding – Crime Stoppers needs your help to secure funding for 2014

The Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers program is worth your time and effort supporting. Remember that many crimes originate in Nova Scotia. By stopping them here, you make a safer Canada for the rest of us. Funding is growing smaller for community policing. We need to all lend a hand to make our communities safer.

I am also seeing “https” being required by the new web browsers in order to see the Facebook Page apps/tabs. The “http” addresses are not showing up in the new web browsers. You will need to make them “https”, as far as I can tell. This is a heads up, and a concern that requires more investigation.

It is literally time for me to get in the car and travel to do more social media training. If you get a chance to say “Hi”, please do. Please help me in my efforts to help the Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers program get the funding they need for 2014 by voting on the Aviva site everyday till they win the funding. All the best for a great day in business.