There are creators of content and there are consumers of content. But when it comes to Blue Ocean people, they are creators on content that might not have been seen before or recognized a certain way before. Blue Ocean people can inspire change in others. They can inspire massive change with the right idea or content. They influence change. Let’s see if I can get you thinking more “Blue Ocean” like.


Blue Ocean people create Blue Ocean content

The Problem: there seems to be no shortage of content appearing and being spread on the Internet these days. Content marketing is all the rage as businesses try to use it to attract customers to them. But is that content “Blue Ocean” material or is it just a rehash of old content? I sometimes wonder if people are even interesting in putting in the effort to create “Blue Ocean” ideas and content? I am just being honest here. Creating new ideas is hard work at times.

As I look at the Internet these days, I see people obsessed with finding content and ideas. We huddle around the web to hear what’s new, just like our ancestors did in the days of the Athens scholars. But will we listen and forget those ideas and comments, or will we act on them? Will we jump to the next idea when that new shiny thing comes along? Are we becoming collectors of shiny new ideas?

With this in mind, I have to wonder about all the “Stuff” that is being put on the Internet.  Now some of that “Stuff” is actually great content. There are creators of content that actually influence others greatly with what they write. Many are working hard to get to where these great creators of content area. And then there are those who simply redo some content and throw it up again without any thought to improving the material at all.

When will we tire of re-sharing over shared content? I believe that most of us are capable of creating things of value. But if we don’t aim to create new content and ideas, are we simply doomed to re-share old thoughts? I for one would like to see that content come forth. It might be a little rough at first, but I bet it would make for a better Internet than all this over sharing of old worn out ideas.

The Solution: so let me encourage you to move to the “Blue Ocean” side of things. Let’s see those fresh new ideas and thoughts come forth that bring value. I am taking a hard look at what I am doing these last few weeks. I bet if I try hard enough, I can create content that is worth putting on the Internet. I suspect it will not be earth shattering material either. Sometimes the simple stuff speaks the loudest.

Here are some ideas on how to be more “Blue Ocean” ready:

  • Great ideas come all the time. Have a way to capture those ideas.
  • Read lots of stuff. The pieces of the puzzle just might come together to form a “Blue Ocean” idea.
  • Try to improve what others write by adding your own thoughts to what they wrote.
  • Don’t try to force stuff. Moments of relaxation can help great thoughts come forth.
  • Converse with lots of people. New ideas can come forth from a good conversation

Let me close with this: It’s time to re-look at what we are putting out on the web. It’s time to stop fighting over the content scrapes and create new content that is Blue Ocean.