More and more people are using mobile devices to view sites on the Internet. Make sure you consider this with your website in mind. If they can’t view it, it’s a waste of your effort.

With 1/3 of customers preferring mobile for shopping, you site has to look good on mobile. You need to test how it looks on as many devices as you can.

Remember that you don’t just have to design for web browsers; you have to design for devices. Things can vary from device to device. That’s why you need to test your site against as many devices as possible.

I also got some feedback for my friends and made some design changes. They told me that the site was too cluttered. So I slimmed things down for ease of viewing and to help create clear calls to action.

While you are redesigning, you need to check for old links and broken links as well. Things happen over time. Don’t just assume they are OK. Check to make sure they are OK.

So what’s our walk-a-way for today? I want you to check your website out on a mobile device and see how it looks. I want you to check to make sure your site preforms well on mobile devices. If you see great results, here’s a pat on the back…well done. If you don’t see good results, go make some changes.