As I went for a walk this morning, I met someone who told me that her friend gave up blogging because they did not get 1000 people following their blog. Is a blog really worth it?

The fact that someone would give up blogging if they did not reach 1000 followers seems strange to me. I get concerned when numbers come up in conversations. It gets me wondering what the real purpose of the blog is.

Is blogging all about getting numbers or is it about sharing with others? As a business, I realized that it is important to attract people that like you and what you do. But is it really about attracting huge numbers? Or is it really about creating influence in the lives of those that connect with you.

Is numbers the only way to gauge the effectiveness of a blog? Does large numbers always indicate that your blog is successful? Can your blog be successful with fewer followers?

The reality is that most of us will start small and build more followers over time. The key, I believe, is that we build properly all along the way. What I mean by this is that we engage people in a meaningful way as they comment and interact with our blog. We should focus on building raving fans of our blog rather than on numbers only.

If you focus on the small things in your blog, the big things will be taken care of; all along the way. Make sure you enjoy your blog and try not to let it become only a tool. Give it life and let it be a powerful touch point with others. Life’s too short not to have fun all along the way. Have fun with your readers and then, see what happens. I bet you will be surprised. Don’t put a number to reach on your blog or else. Make those connections great along the way and you will create the impact you are looking for. Don’t give up because of numbers. Your thoughts add value to the online experience. So blog ON!

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