7 steps to do this; and the top ways to do that. We are being saturated with information from all sides. But where is the content that is really worth reading in our busy lives.

There is so much content on the Internet, that we will never read most of it. This content will go past us like two ships in the night. But where are the great writers and the great content that enriches and inspires our daily lives? Where are the dreamers that cause us yet to imagine and dream again?

One of the things I have been trying to do in this blog is try to create content that others have not written. I do write about the “How To” and try to create greater understanding for new social media users. But my hope is to have a blog that truly inspires us to greater things.

I try to get my passion to flow onto the very posts that I write. Some posts are short, some can be a little longer. I understand that we feel rushed every day. With this in mind, I try to get right to the point.

I love to dream. At one point in my life I think that day dreaming caused me to fail Grade 3. I had my head out of the classroom window so many times. Where are the dreamers of today? These dreamers will be the creators of great fresh content that is truly worth reading.

I have seen lots of blog posts on how to rehash other’s blog post material into new content. Bloggers suggest that blog content comes easiest from the writings of others. That may be so. But I ask us, where are those who unplug from the blogosphere and dare to dream new thoughts and ideas. We could call them “Blue Ocean” bloggers.

So as we strive to write more blog posts, let us embrace passion and creativity in our quest to create blog content worth reading. Let’s not make it all sound the same. Let us dare to take a different path to create content that challenges, inspires and produces material worth reading.

Let me leave you with this thought; “If this was to be your last blog post and you could write anything, what would you write?” I bet that would be a post worth reading.