6 social media programs will finish this week in Halifax, and 2 more will finish in the next few weeks. Over 75 local businesses have participated in these 11 week workplace education programs, and have been equipped with strong social media marketing skills for the future.


So what did the participants think of the social media training? Let’s see what the participants have tweeted:


What was one of the biggest learning concepts? For me, as a trainer, it has been the sense of community building that has resonated throughout all the programs. I have been teaching all of my workplace education participants to focus on building community. The “C” in social media is for community. How one builds their social media is critical for success. Over the 11 weeks, we learned that the best way to build is with people and not numbers.

Here are some of my favorite tweets that have come from the training programs:



This last quarter [Jan to Mar 2014] has been a tough one with all the challenging Winter driving conditions. But has I look back, I see that it has all been worth while. I have had the pleasure of seeing many lives and businesses transformed. Sure they have received new social media marketing skills, but many business owners have discovered a new reason for getting up each new morning. They now know the “Why” and that has mattered.

I am proud of all my participants and all the hard work they have put into learning social media. Some days were tougher than others. But in the end, they are better off. So here’s to a great rad ahead for them and all they do.

All I can say now is… “Next” 🙂