Ever wondered how you could do better on your Facebook Business Page? Giving your fans what they want is a good start. Here’s how to figure this out.


We discussed this issue last week in my Halifax social media program. The key point was that we no longer have to guess what our fans want. Facebook Insights will tell us if we only look. The Facebook Insights section delivers great information that can help you deliver better content to your audience.

You have to remember that your Facebook Page is designed for your fans to “LIKE”, not for you to BROADCAST. You need to make sure you deliver your message the way they like it. You can still get your message out, but in a way that your fans will appreciate it. First of all, ask yourself the following question… “What are my fans loving on my Page?”

Do they love:

  1. Status updates
  2. Links
  3. Pictures,or
  4. Video?

Once you have figured out which type works best for your fans, look to deliver your message to them via that means the majority of the time.

Now look at your posts that received a lot of attention and engagement according to Facebook Insights. Was there something you did or said? You need to recognize what your fans like and give them more of that. Remember that you forget over time. We all need to be reminded about the things that worked well in the past.

For me, my fans appreciate video more. They seem to live more “How to” stuff when it comes to video as well. Make sure you not only check out reach, but post clicks, likes, comments and shares. They will help you locate your best content and post time.


So take a moment and look at your Facebook Insights and see what works best for you. Don’t be surprised if you originally guessed wrong. I did. I thought pictures were the way to go. Video works best for me now.

As you adjust and respond to the wants of your fans, they will reward you with more sharing, more commenting and more liking.

So here’s to a great day in business for you.