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Non-Profit Uses IPhone For Awesome Customer Service

When a non-profit demonstrates extraordinary thinking in how it conducts business, for-profit businesses need to pay attention and learn. This is an awesome example of how tech can get the job done. I saw John Haydon post this on Twitter: His post got me curious and I posted this: Then John Haydon replied with the [...]

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Using The Radian6 Platform

When it comes to seeing everything on Twitter and other social media applications, we are not seeing everything. A platform like Radian6 helps us see what we are missing. Have you ever wondered if you are seeing everything that is being said about your business? Have you wondered if you are seeing all the conversations on a [...]

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Outside The Box Thinking Needs To Change

Outside the Box thinking means that there is still a box somewhere that has not changed. Many old business models are not working . They are driving customers crazy. I have been talking to a few of my online and offline friends about business models lately. We have been discussing our frustrations with the "Old Business" models. In a [...]

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RIM, Throw Me A Bone. You’re Killing Me

I have been a real supporter and promoter of RIM and it's products. But lately RIM has been real hard to cheer RIM on. I like supporting Canadian companies. But what's going on RIM? I have owned three Blackberry phones and I was one of the first few to buy a Blackberry Playbook. I love [...]

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The Art Of Good Morning

I remember the Monty Python skit where the guys are fish in a fish tank. We see them saying good morning to each other over & over again. Good morning is a powerful way to start a conversation. What was funny about the Month Python skit was the fact that they kept on saying "Good Morning" over and [...]

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Who Do I Connect With On Twitter? In Case You Where Wondering.

Who do I connect with on Twitter? Don't you connect with everyone? These are some of the things I am looking for in a great Twitter connection. I love to connect with lots of different types of people on Twitter. There are so many interesting people yet to meet and get to know. But I [...]

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Is Saul Colt Right About Klout?

Saul Colt describes Klout as "Not influence but audience". He further says "Real influence is getting people to change their mind or opinion on something…not introducing something to you…and all I see with most “influencers” is a lot of introducing you to things." Is Saul right? I am not a big fan of "Numbers" for [...]

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Big Business Needs To Think Small Today

Mass advertising and throwing tons of money at marketing is not always the most effective means of reaching today's customers. No one wants to be a number. {EAV_BLOG_VER:e7bfac329ae7375e} Big business is starting to discover that their efforts to reach customers is failing. People are tuning advertising out. Simply throwing more money at the problem is [...]

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