Social media can be used to make our communities safer and more successful. Remember that crime not only costs the victim, it also costs our communities and local businesses in one way or another. Preventing crime can help reduce the drain on society.

The Crime Stoppers Facebook “Leave A tip” tab is making a difference in our communities. Not only are more crimes being solved, but many are being stopped before they ever become a problem. Leaving a tip via Crime Stoppers guarantees your anonymity. No one will know that you submitted a tip. Remember that Crime Stoppers wants your tip, not your identity.

Here’s what the Crime Stoppers “Leave A Tip” tab looks like:

Android and iPhones have their own version of the “Leave A tip” app. You can find them at their respective stores.

Remember that we all play a roll in keeping our communities safe and successful. Remember that evil prevails when good men or women do nothing. Crime costs. We all pay in the end. Help stop it in its tracks.