Google+ scores now on Klout

We are now seeing Google+ stats in today. What will this mean for those in business? Does it really matter?

The debate continues on about Klout for sure, but you cannot deny that Klout is trying to make the score more accurate every day. What can Klout really do for business?

If you are going to measure your social media impact out there, you are going to have to pull as many sources together as possible. Now I am not a big fan of numbering people; but I like to see how I am influencing my surrounding networks, or should I say audiences. I am looking for how my posts, tweets and messages are impacting others. These stats will help me get an overall picture as I combine it with other data.

One thing for sure, Google+ is now a must for business to be on. First of all, Google owns it. Second of all, it is now going to be included in the Klout score whether we like it or not.

I still like the ability to give someone some K+ for outstanding work on social media or in business. I like to think of it as a recommend or referral.

So whatever your feelings about, the Google+ stats are beaming through. It’s a good indication that a Google+ presence is required.