Capturing people’s attention on the Internet can be a difficult thing. If you want to get @danzarrella ‘s attention, you had better talk about tech, beer and zombies.

Dan Zarrela from HubSpotDan Zarrella gave a great #SMSCI webinar yesterday that made the Guinness World Records as the largest online marketing seminar ever. Dan shared many great ideas that really matter when it comes to social media. And in the spirit of which Dan shared, this post is intended to say thanks Dan and put a smile on his Zombie loving face.

One of the points that Dan made yesterday is that you have to talk about key things that will attract your audience’s attention. Not only must you have good content, but that content must be interesting to your audience. Remember that it is a hard thing to target everyone. Don’t try. If you want Dan’s attention, you are going to have to write about zombies, social media, beer, tech and a host of other guy related stuff.

So how do you attract the attention of your audience? Well it should start with the title. Keeping in mind that many are typing in questions to start their search; why don’t we try to make our titles “Questions”. Maybe start with “How do I…” or “What do I do…” for example. Remember that you have to put keywords that will attract your audience’s attention into the title.

Then comes the rest of the story. You have to have good content. You have to have something that is worth reading. Do some research and put together your take on a certain idea, for example. What ever you do, keep your audience in mind. You are not writing it for you. You are writing it for them.

So “Are You A Beer Drinking Sex Crazed Social Marketing Guru Zombie” Dan Zarrella? Probably not. But if I am going to get Dan’s attention, I am going to have to write on things that Dan is interested. If you are going to get the attention of your audience, you are going to have to be creative.

And by the way Dan, thanks for the great learning experience and for sharing some social media science with your friends.

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