Recently I have been experimenting with my Mac and iPad2 in relation to the iCloud. I see I can also get my PC involved in the iCloud as well. Sweet I say.

When it comes to tech, apps and software, I have a real love relationship with them. I own a PC, a Mac, an iPad2, an Android Galaxy SII, a Blackberry Torch and a Blackberry Playbook. I love pushing them to their limits as best as I can. That’s where the learning happens.

I am using Dropbox for file transfer and storage, as well as a online storage site called JungleDisk. I use JungleDisk to restore my documents; if my computer ever crashes that is. They serve their purpose and get the job done. But when I saw what the iCloud could do to keep all my tech up to speed with the same information, I was loving it. I like how one can seamlessly work on the same content from device to device.

I originally looked to see if I could have my calendar synced on 4 devices. I knew I could get the iCloud to work on my Mac/Apple stuff. But when I found out that I could get my PC Outlook files in the mix, I was very pleased. I like the idea of doing it once and it being right across all of my devices. This would be a great time saver as far as I am concerned. So long double booking.

Now I have been successful with using Google Calendar to work across all of my devices by using apps and a web browser. I have connected my Outlook to it and can sync both quite easily with a few clicks. I have to sync my Android to keep it up to date. But the iCloud seems to be able to give me greater ease of use. I like the idea as well of buying a new device, logging into Apple, and having that device ready to use in a very short time. And by the way, I am moving more and more to Apple products. So are many others as well.

So I do have my head in the iCloud. I see this becoming a greater reality for me and many others. As a business, I need easy. There are lots of things that put a demand on my time. I need to look for short cuts. I believe I have found that in the iCloud. You should look at it as well.