The latest version of the Windows Operating Systems has a social media focus in mind. You see this when you enter the Start Menu.

Microsoft Windows 8Windows 8 has it’s own applications for Facebook and Twitter front and center in the Developers Version. They are one of the first things you see in this major overhaul of the Window’s operating system.

Once you have connected Facebook and Twitter, you will have windows with live info being displayed. I am still working on trying to get the Facebook app to work, but I will get in going. So far from what I see,Windows 8 offers good access to Twitter.

Windows 8 looks like it is primarily designed for a tablet and touch screen device. So far I have not uncovered any hidden gems yet that have made me go “Wow”. I expect to see something amazing soon though.

For the average person, Windows 8 is not user friendly. Microsoft has totally abandoned their tradition Start Menu system. It takes a while to get used to the new OS and find where everything is now located. Thank God the right mouse click still works.

Now I am not against change. I look forward to this journey with Microsoft and to seeing where they are going. Windows 8 will not be out to the public for a while. I look forward to seeing how Microsoft will push the social media window and deliver a truly social computer experience.

I will try to get you some pictures and video in a blog post soon so that you can get a feel for where Microsoft is going. Until then, have a great Tuesday. And keep your stick on the ice.