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Tropicana – Just Another Box?

I just checked Tropicana Canada's Facebook Page out and they were at 37,414 "Liker's".  That means 37,414 people have actively clicked on the "Like" button to express their love for a box of juice.  Yes, a box of juice.  It's not Brad Pitt, Rachael Ray, Frosty the Snowman or some awesome place.  It's a box of juice. [...]

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Women Listen Better Than Men

Women listen better than men.  As a Chrysler Store service advisor, I heard this often during the training workshops.  As a man, I had to ask myself if this was true.  This could be a serious handicap for me in business if this was true, and I did nothing about it.  It could have serious consequences [...]

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The Value of a Question

What is the value of a question on social networks?  I would say a lot.  Not just in the answer either.  Sure you can get great answers to your question from many people within and without your network.  It might even point you in a direction that you might not have otherwise thought about. The [...]

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Giving Your Customers Options For Connecting With You

Gone are the days when the phone and email are the only ways a customer can connect with your business.  I remember working at a Chrysler store where we had 24 hours to reply to an email or else.  The phone was key, but Email was an important means of making service appointment.  Today, there [...]

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Skype in Facebook – A First Look?

Check this out and see what you think? The Skype icon appeared after my name in notifications, Wall Posts and even in the Facebook Chat box.  When I changed my status to "Online", the Skype icon changed from yellow "Away" to green in real time.  I could click the icon and initiate a call.  Was [...]

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Not Always Work Related

One of the things that social media trainers and bloggers need to keep in mind is this: they need to mix their post material up.  It does not always need to be about social media.  I encourage my clients to add some fun stuff or information that the think will be helpful to their readers. [...]

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Show Me The Results

This afternoon I am training a group of real estate agents on how to use social media.  We will be focusing on Twitter.  Each class starts off the same way..."Who has sold a house using social media?"  I am adamant that social media should produce results.  It should provide leads and generate sales for this industry.  So far, two of the [...]

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Facebook Messages – It’s Not Email

Email has been with us for many years.  Most programs and applications have undergone several modifications and real changes along their lifespan.  Email has been one of the exceptions.  Yet it is still a major part of business and our day to day lives.  It's about time that Email has gotten an overhaul.  I thought Google Wave [...]

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Be Honest About Who You Are

Not everyone can be a Chris Brogan or a Saul Colt.  They certainly don't want you to even try to be them.  They have been gifted with certain abilities and talents.   They are great at what they do.  What they want from you is simply this; "be yourself".  Only you can be the best you [...]

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Your Business Social Media Policy

What is your company or business social media policy?   You should think about having one.   Guidelines for your employees will let them know what they can do and what they can say on behalf of your company. But what happens when an employee posts negative comments about their place of employment?   A [...]

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