Do you want to use WordPress to create a website and grow your business? Investing in WordPress training is key to the future success of your business.

WordPress Level 1 – Introductory WordPress training for business

This program was developed for new WordPress users and those who have inherited a WordPress site and do not know where to start first. Many business owners fall into this category and just want to know how to get started. This program will help create a strong foundation. Let me help you get started today.

Program Framework:

  • Security around website usage
  • Website domain and hosting package best practices
  • Website backup fundamentals
  • Website design fundamentals
  • Website plugin and theme fundamentals
  • How to work with Google Analytics
  • How to use Google Search Console fundamentals
  • Website video fundamentals

WordPress Level 2 – Advanced WordPress training for business

This program has been developed to help business owners and employees take their existing WordPress site and their WordPress skills to the next level.

Program Framework:

  • Working with Security plugins
  • Creating and maximizing website images
  • Keyword research
  • SEO fundamentals
  • Search and Google Search Console dynamics
  • Page speed fundamentals
  • Maximizing video for websites
  • Working with Schema
  • Using reCaptcha to avoid needless bots
  • Checking and repairing broken website links