Welcome to the “How To” section and log in screen for Crime Stopper Programs and other Agencies.

Go to the Crime Stoppers Dashboard now.

This page is designed to help Crime Stoppers programs and law enforcement agencies create a Facebook App/Tab so that individuals can “leave or submit a crime tip” to prevent or solve a crime. This page will show the “How To” by guiding members through a step by step set up of a Facebook Page and a Facebook App/Tab.

Considerations for you to take note of:

  • You must set up a personal Facebook Profile User Account first to set up the “Leave A Tip” tab on a Facebook Page. Profiles will become Facebook Page Admins. It is a risky venture to set up a Facebook Page with only an email address and a password. I have seen more people locked out of a Page because they did not set up Admins for that Page.
  • Don’t place Crime Stoppers on a Facebook Profile User Account. It is against the terms of agreement for Facebook. Create a Facebook Profile first; and then set up a Crime Stoppers Program on that Facebook Page. Make sure there are at least two Admins in case one gets locked out of Facebook.
  • *** As a Crime Stoppers Program, if you need help, please contact me for help [902-956-2600. This goes right to the phone on my hip. ***
  • I can install the generic “Crime Stoppers” Facebook app for you if you will temporarily make me an Administrator of your Page. Other wise, please watch the video and read the notes on how to set up a Facebook Page and App/Tab for yourself.

Part 1: Creating a Facebook Page (If the Page does not exist)

  1. Log onto your Facebook account
  2. Look at top right area of Facebook Menu and find a down arrow.
  3. Click on the down arrow and a drop down list will appear.
  4. From the drop down list, click on Create Page

At this point you should see the following screen:

Create Facebook Page

Create Facebook Page

Further steps to creating Facebook Page:

  1. Select “Company, Organization or Institution” as the type of page you want to create.
  2. Give the Page a name such as “Nova Scotia Crime Stoppers”.
  3. Then choose the Category that best fits from the drop down list [non-profit organization for example].
  4. Agree to the terms and
  5. Click on “Get Started” button.
Organization Box

Choose category and name for Page


Add/Fill Out the necessary information for the program by going into the Settings section.

Part 2: Creating A Static HTML IFrame App – For “Leaving A Tip”

We are now going to add an extra app or “Tab”, to what is already part of the newly created Page. Follow the following steps:

  1. Click in the Facebook Search box in the top of the Facebook application.
  2. Type static HTML into search box.
  3. Find “Static HTML: iFrame tabs“. Click on it.
  4. On the left side, about the middle height, look for “Add to My Page“.
  5. Click on “Add Static HTML to a Page” button.
  6. Choose the Facebook Page you want to add the tab to by clicking on the down arrow and selecting Page.
  7. Click Add Page Tab.
  8. You will now see a”Welcome” tab underneath your Profile Picture on the left side of the Facebook Page. Make sure you scroll down to see it.

You have now successfully added the Static HTML iFrame tab/application to your Facebook Page.

Part 3: Editing the Static HTML iFrame Tab Name to “Leave A Tip”

At this point we want to change the name of the Static HTML iFrame tab to something that will be more meaningful. Let me suggest “Leave A Tip“. You are limited to the number of letters and spaces you can use.

Here are the following steps to do so:

  1. Once you are in the Facebook Page Dashboard  click on the Settings button – upper left section .
  2. Select Apps on left side of page. You will notice a group of menu items.
  3. Locate the Static HTML: iFrames tabs section and click on “Edit Settings“.
  4. Type “Leave A Tip” into the Custom Tab Name section.
  5. You can create a custom button [111X74 pixels] or upload a jpeg file button by clicking on Change located to the right of Custom Tab Image at this time. I have created one of this page that you can download [right-click and select Save Image].
  6. Save changes. Click on OK when done.
  7. Click on “Page” at upper left part of Facebook Page application to see your Facebook Page.
  8. Go to the “Apps” section to view the “Leave a tip” tab. You can also view app by clicking on the “More” command in the menu bar just below the Cover Photo at top of Facebook Page.

You should now see what your tab looks like by clicking on “Leave A Tip“. The two boxes will be blank for the moment because we have not added anything to them. It’s time to add the code to the upper box to continue the process.

Part 4: Adding “Leave A Tip” tab to Facebook Page – non coding option

  1. Click on the “Leave A Tip” button in the App section under the Profile picture on the left side. You should see two empty boxes on the screen.
  2. Click on “Edit Tab“.
  3. Select “Website” from Free apps section.
  4. Click on “Use Website App” button
  5. Add “https://” secure page address to beam webpage into this app. [See below]
  6. Click on “Save and Publish” button to go live.

https addresses that you can use to create the Leave A Tip tab. Click link and copy and paste address into app web address:

Important Note: this is the Admin view of the “Leave A Tip” tab. Everyone else that is not a Facebook Page Admin will not see this view. This view is only available to the Page Administrator.

Terms of Service pages have been created as well. Please ask about them.

To see how others will see the “Leave A Tip” application, click the button that says “Save and view tab” button and then click “View your tab as a non-fan“. You will now see how non-Admins will see your page. Remember that only Admins will see the code and the boxes with the code in them.

For any help, please contact Jeff Brown at info@alphacomputer.ca or call at (902) 956-2600.