Whether you are on social media or not, we can cover your brand with good comments or bad comments. Being on social media gives you a voice either way.

Whether you are a small, medium or large brand, over even a country; voices on social media can sway public opinion. They can sing your praises or they can tell others how bad of a job you really are doing.

It’s like the phone is ringing. The only question is this…”Are you there to pick up the phone and answer?” The reason I am writing this post is that I still see businesses struggling with whether to use social media or not. And for those that are using it, they are struggling with using social media. Social media is work and it takes effort.

As I travel around, I see many businesses dabbling with social media without any firm conviction. They are doing enough to say they are there, but not enough to make a difference as far as Google is concerned.

I was really surprised to see my Facebook Business Page on first page Google last week. This immediately told me that Facebook Pages can make it to first page Google. If I work them right, they can show up and become a connection point for a customer. I like that.

So what do we have to do to be successful at social media?

  • Be there – at least Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Be there consistently – on a daily basis
  • Post once a day on your Facebook business page
  • Post several times a day on your Twitter
  • Post on LinkedIn as well
  • Connect with others on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Reply when others send you a message – don’t ignore opportunity
  • Be kind and encouraging to others

This is the bare minimum. The more you work your social media and the smarter you work your social media, the better the results you will see.

So remember I got you covered, even if you are not on social media. If you have great service, I’ll brag about you. If you have poor service and don’t care, well, I’ll brag about that too. Make sure you are in the first group. Both you and I will be happier.