Introducing Eric Kim’s Twylah

Twylah is a new tool that will help you be more effective on Twitter. It will help eliminate much of the noise and it will allow you to get down to business.

Here are some comments that Eric Kim is saying about Twylah:

  • • Average ‘engagement’ time with a tweet ranges between 4-6 seconds (most people just scan large #s of tweets, but when they find one that interests them, they dwell there for 4-6 seconds, the time to read the tweet and decide what to do (e.g. respond, click on the link, etc).
  • • Our data so far shows that for tweets posted through Twylah, when a viewer engages with the tweet and clicks on the link (that takes them to highly contextual Twylah blog page), the average time spent on the site is upward of 3 minutes
  • • So in essence, Twylah extends a 6 second interaction to a 180 second interaction – a 30X boost in interaction time with your tweets.

Here’s a short video I made to demo Twylah for you:

Want more?

Here’s a link to a video Eric made: