When it comes to speed and reach, social media has word of mouth and many other forms of communication beat. That’s why it is an idea tool for business and other organizations like community policing. Social media can help make our communities safer and more successful. 


As the creator of the Crime Stoppers Facebook “Leave A Tip” Tab, I have learned first hand how social media can create success and safety in communities. Crime Stopper program tips have increased dramatically in their areas dues tot this Facebook App. Businesses are also benefiting from this app because it is taking a big bite out of crime.

As I look back, I have seen social media come through to benefit communities and individuals in ways we had not previously though of before.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. I received a post from a friend about an individual who had murdered someone in the USA, and was potentially fleeing to Canada. My friend had sent a notice out to his connections in the USA and Canada, and I sent them out to mine.

Within a very short time, this armed and dangerous “bad guy” was caught just before he could cross over the USA-Canada border. The short period of time that it took from the original post on Facebook to the apprehension of the criminal was noteworthy for everyone watching. It was like the Clint Eastwood movie where he had painted the town red. There was a welcome party for the fleeing criminal.

From community policing agencies looking at using social media for creating success and safety in their communities, and to those who want to use social media in their business marketing efforts, this story has important considerations. It showed many that social media could be used to achieve quick results.

One of the key things to notice was the sheer speed in which the notice when out, and how quickly the individual was apprehended. A quick calculation by the original poster to Facebook figured the original reach at about 75,000 Facebook users within the first few moments. Over 75,000 people were alerted that this bad guy was possibly on the way towards Canada.

What should be noted by law enforcement is this, social media can get your message out faster and farther than any other means, period. Partnering with the community, to achieve this result, required communication methods outside of the standard police methods. It’s good to see social media being embraced by more police departments every where.

What should be noted by business is this… the sheer reach and speed of a message when people are passionate about sharing it. People wanted the bad guy caught, and they were interested in helping out. When business finds what people are passionate about, then their customers will share that message quickly.

What can be learned from this incident? When the message is right and the people are passionate about it, it will go far quickly. One might use the word “Viral”. It’s just that simple.

And by the way, if you see a crime and want to leave a crime tip anonymously, you can use the Crime Stoppers Facebook “Leave A Tip” tab. Remember that you help create success and safety in your community by helping get the bad guys off the streets where they can not longer do harm to our communities. The Alpha Social Media Facebook Page has the “Leave A Tip” tab and your business can to. Just ask and I’ll do it for you for free.


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So here’s to a great day in business for you. Stay safe 😀