Social media offers many opportunities for business. But I love connecting with new friends just as much as creating more business opportunities.

Social media has been a great means of increasing business visibility and creating work. But when it comes to making new connections and friends, the more I reach out, the greater the results.

One of these days I am going to have to go on a “Social Media Whirlwind Tour” to see all my online friends. Having met some already face to face, the anticipation of meeting more friends makes this a must do in the future.

Connecting with others is key to starting these online friendships. If you do not bravely reply or reach out, it will not happen. There have been times where I just went “What do I have to lose” and reached out to complete strangers. Now they are my friends.

And once they get to know you, they tend to brag about you to others. Social media has been very good to me. One can never have too many real friends. I love helping my friends as well.

I try to stay connected as much as possible with my online friends. From a simple “Hi” to a good conversation. This is the true gold of social media.

So go ahead this Monday and reach out to someone new. You never know where it will take you.