Social media is a powerful force for good. It enables you to get your message out. I will be speaking this Friday in Halifax at the SSNS Conference on social media, safety and communication.

Jeff Brown SSNS Conference Halifax Social Media

Social Media Halifax

With so many turning to use social media, it is important for businesses and organizations to consider it as a viable means of communication to their customers, employees and contacts. The city of Halifax has many social media users who are very well connected throughout the world.

Why is social media becoming a prevalent factor in Halifax and elsewhere? One factor is the different generations in the workplace right now. Some prefer the traditional means of communication, while others want to communicate with the tools they use daily in their lives.

This means that Facebook, Twitter and other platforms are now being considered for daily communications. Social media usage is increasing in all the generations.

When you look at the fact that some organizations are looking to ban inner office emails, it is not too much of a stretch to see social media filling the gap. Email is a very old technology; whose time is well overdue for a major overhaul. Maybe Twitter will replace it…And you will only have only 140 characters to get your message across to the receiver.

We now live in a changing world, where social media is being embraced by places like Halifax, Dartmouth and well beyond. People are connecting and communicating like never before. How businesses and organizations get there message out is changing. I will be sharing on these points at the SSNS Conference. I look forward to meeting you at the SSNS Conference. If you can’t make it, please send me a shout out.