Are we considered a valuable person to our social media community because of our wisdom and what we create? Do people look to add us to their social media community because they see us as a valuable addition? Whether we live in Halifax, Dartmouth, Truro or elsewhere, we need to work hard to build value in the eyes of others.

There are creators and consumers when it comes to social media content. Let me suggest that that we should move to being a creator of great content, instead of just a consumer of social media content. One of my favorite types of content to create is pictures that inspire others.

It’s not enough just to share information and links on social media. We have to be creators of content as well. Whether it is a picture we posted on a social network or something original that we wrote and posted online, we need to start charting our own course on the different social networks. We have to have and own our own voice.

And our own voice should cause others to take notice. People should find us useful, and insightful.

There are so many people on social media re-sharing the same old content over and over again. As we surf through the social networks, we often see the same things posted over and over again. We long for fresh content and new ideas to inspire us, entertain us and empower us.

As a result, if we want people to follow us, and pull our content towards them, we have to stand out. We can only do this with our own content.

Sure sharing other people’s posts can help provide us with content to share, but it’s not our content. Let someone else provide others with the same old over-shared information  What others cannot provide the Internet with is our wisdom. To stand out these days from the rest, we are going to have to become valuable in the eyes of our social media community. That means we need to create our own original material. We need to share our own thoughts as well.

We need to give people a reason to connect and follow us on social media. I am a big fan of creating a strong presence and impression at home before making it elsewhere. With this in mind, we need to try to make our local presence strong. We need to create a “Go to” impression for others. We can only create this when we share our own wisdom and our own thoughts. People will follow us when they see value. We need to create that value.

Here’s to us creating our own great content and getting noticed. It can bring our business the much-needed attention it needs to grow.