If we are going to show up well on social media, we are going to have to excel at putting things out there that are either useful or interesting. There is so many things competing for the eyeballs of the masses. To succeed, we need to put a lot of thought in what we are doing.

Sometimes the more unique the idea is, the better are the chances for getting the attention of others. So how will we stand out? One way to stand out is to use video. Here is an example of one I posted to Facebook:

Video allows us to (1) Educate, (2) Encourage and (3) Entertain our surrounding community. Video is the one thing that we can post that will allow us to share ideas and thoughts in ways that other post types cannot.

We have to understand what we are competing against to do well on social media. People are posting funny video, cat and dog pictures and baby photos. To show up well, even in the midst of these eye catching posts, we have to be very creative to get our share of the attention of others.

So here are some thoughts that I trust will get us thinking in the right direction:

  1. Post interesting photos that make us go “WOW”. We can caption those photos with text that will promote our business or the thought we want to promote.
  2. Post a “How To” video that helps others do something better.
  3. Share interesting thoughts that come to us. Let’s share those thoughts that make us smile and ponder.
  4. Share some tips to make people’s lives better.

Here is one picture I took that received some good attention. After a few cloudy days, it was good for people to see the sun.

When we create something that makes people smile, there’s a good chance that it could get shared; or at least gather a few great humorous comments. Isn’t that what social media is all about? Getting our idea across and getting some conversations going is a good thing.

So what will your idea be that will bring you better visibility?  These days, people need to laugh more. So let’s get something out there and create some smiles. This old world sure needs it. Have a great day everyone.

Here’s to a great day of business for you.