• Creating Online Visibility For Your Business WPE Program

    In order to make this social media/website program a success for you, and the rest of the Workplace Education program participants, I need to understand where you are at in your social media and website journey.

    Please fill out this form as best as you can and help me understand what you are doing with your social media and your website. You can include personal and business activities.

    Please book a Zoom INA appointment after you complete your online form. Thank you in advance.

    NOTE: Please scroll down or accept the cookies to start filling this form. Thank you for completing this form.

  • Please indicate best phone to be reached during the day. Just add numbers. Form will fill in brackets.
  • Please type your best email address here to be reached at. This helps me make sure I have a working email address that you wanted to be reached at.
  • Please type NONE if you do not have a website
    Please check all that apply. This will let me know which social networks you are using.
  • Type in your Twitter username here with @ sign. I want to see what you are tweeting. Type Not Using if you do not have a twitter account.
  • Please type the name of your Facebook Page so I can check it before program begins. I want to see how you are posting to the Page.
    Please let me know what type of phone you have. This is for my own information. You do not have to have a phone to particiapte in this program.
    Please let me know what type of device you are going to use for this program. This is for my own information.
    Please respond with a Yes or a No answer. Click the one that applies to you.
    Please indicate your usage of Google Analytics
    Please indicate your comfort level. Do you find things quickly?
  • Most people never ask themselves this question. Please let me know why you are using social media. What propels you forward on social media?
  • Please add some comments to help me better construct the right course for you and the other particvipantys. I am looking for your MUST HAVES for this program.
  • Please share some of the best moments that you have had using social media.
  • Please let me know what anti-virus program you are using. Your security is critical in today's Internet marketing world.
  • Are you a visual learner, an audible learner, a hands on learner or a cognitive/why learner?
  • I would like to know what you typically post on your social media. Do you get a lot of interaction around what you post?