The Initial Needs Assessment process will help me understand you and your business so that I can create a better experience for you. Please add as much information as you can.  I will arrange a Zoom meeting with you once I have your completed form.

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Please fill out this form for the Social Media Level 1 program as soon as you can. Please include as much information as possible so I can customize this program to meet your needs.
  • The programs will be offered virtually in an online classroom setting this Winter in order to comply with the social distancing recommendations. Therefore, the programs must be taken on a computer, laptop, or tablet; phones will not be an acceptable device. Participants must have an Internet connection, hardwired preferred to wi-fi, high speed (no dial-up). Headset or earbuds must be used, and the participants must have a webcam, if no camera on their laptop; video participation is a requirement, to ensure the connection to the instructor and other participants. A quiet place to focus is required, free from distractions. These details will be part of the INA process.

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