As the social media training program in Halifax started this Monday morning, we talked about security and our social media accounts. There we learned that as we create more visibility, we can also create more online visits that might have male intent towards us and our social media. Securing our accounts can prevent needless waste of time. Let the hackers, and such, go bother someone else less secure.

As I thought about Monday’s class, I sent out this tweet:

Everyone in the social media class had some area of vulnerability. They learned how to fix the holes in their security to. We talked about the following topics:

  • Hardware and update issues for our devices
  • System updates – PC and Mac, as well as operating system updates for phones and tablets
  • Firewall settings and routers – Internet side not password protected
  • Antivirus operation and concerns – the junk yard dog
  • Passwords and the issues that come with them – the 4 different ways people do it
  • Links in Email and Email security [or lack of] – our greatest means of getting infected

The bottom line for the day was this… Do it right up front so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time fixing things up on the other end.


Most of the workshop participants were surprised at what they did not know. And now that they do, they can do better job at staying safe. I like what Oprah says… “When we know better, we do better“.

So what’s the walk away for you? You should look at your security and your devices. Is everything good to go, or do you need to do some tweaking yourself? It really is better to do the work up front, than to have to spend a lot of time fixing the mess. If an account gets hacked, that will generate lots of non billable hours that you cannot charge anyone for. You can spend a lot of money and time fixing that mess. Don’t go there in the first place.

In business, we want to build momentum and keep that momentum going. We know stuff happens; but if we do our due diligence, we should be able to do better than the rest of the pack. So let’s get things set up right from the start and work hard at making our business a going concern. Stuff can happen. Let’s not have it happen to us.

So here’s to wishing you a great day of business. Secure your accounts so you can keep the momentum going.