The environment is certainly changing for business is Nova Scotia. Certainly there are challenges ahead, especially with a rising Provincial Sales Tax looming shortly. But instead of looking at the negative, we need to focus on the positive and look for a path that will lead us to success.

I see a trend emerging where regions look after their own destiny. I see regions proactively uniting and promoting themselves to the bigger global economy. I have been working lately in three different areas of the Province and I am hearing the same message: “We need to promote our area to the world”.

Lately, I have been looking at ways to promote the local Truro businesses and show the world that Truro is a great place to do business. Over the last few weeks, I have been interviewing several businesses and promoting them using social media. Each business has been asked to share about what they do and to provide a tip for business. As an extra bonus, I have been sharing a social media tip in the video segment. Social media is a hot topic. And so far, I have been able to draw some traffic to these videos. I have placed them on YouTube.

My Grandfather , McCusker Brown, used to tell me “Talk is cheap, it takes money to buy rum”. I now see the wisdom in his words. Anyone can point out a problem, but it takes real
effort to point out and provide a solution to a problem.

I believe this can be Nova Scotia’s finest hour if we stop looking at the problem and start providing and implementing real solutions. I believe that Nova Scotians are brilliant people and that they are very resourceful. It is time for both business leaders to rise up with solutions that will work and government to actively listen and work with business. We have a window to work in and once it is gone, we will lose this opportunity to take our place in the business world as a place to be reckoned with.

Sure the Province needs more money in the coffers to pay for running this Province. This is understandable. But raising the HST cannot be the only solution to our problem. It is time for Nova Scotians to put their heads together to come up with real solutions and position this area for success. It’s time for regions in Nova Scotia to actively promote what they have to the world.

As my part of the solution, I will be interviewing more businesses and promoting them to the world using social media. I will be extolling the values of our area to outside businesses. I will be trying to create as much buzz as possible to get the world’s attention focused here. The only question remaining is this: “What will you do to be part of the solution?”