One of the things I am most proud of is the “Lave A Tip” tab on Facebook that I developed for Crime Stoppers. It is helping solve major crimes in your community.

Prior to speaking on social media at the World Crime Stoppers Training Conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I had been talking on Skype with Constable Scott Mills from the Toronto Police Service. We had been discussing the ways that community members could leave crime tips to Crime Stopper Programs. Scott said that people could phone and text their tips. Then I asked him if we would be allowed to use Facebook for leaving crime tips.

I was aware that Kevin Anderson had created a secure web site for TipSoft, where crime tips could be submitted to local Crime Stopper Programs. It would be easy to introduce this on Facebook. All I had to do was create a Facebook Page, create an app with a button on it that would open up a web page. And you guessed it, Kevin Anderson’s TipSoft web page to be exact. This is how the Facebook “Leave A Tip” tab was born.

I became the first person in the world to put Crime Stoppers on Facebook. And now, people could leave a crime tip “Via” Facebook. People start in Facebook and then open up the TipSoft secure web site by clicking on the “Submit A Tip” button. Here the tipster’s personal information is stripped away and only the crime tip info is left.

Crime Stoppers Leave A Tip App on Facebook

The above screen shot shows you what the app looks like. I app has been translated into French and Spanish for greater reach and impact. This is one of my greatest achievements on social media. You and your community can be safer because this app exists on Facebook.

Here is a video of people like Rap Artist “Vital”, community member @Kalmplex, victims of crime and myself talking about crime prevention and the Facebook “Leave A Tip” tab.

Thanks for letting me share this with you. Here is the link to the Crime Stoppers International Leave A Tip tab on Facebook