Would you like to get more interactions from the content you post? Would you like to resonate better with your customers so that you create more loyalty? That’s what you are trying to do. Would you be surprised that you might be doing business backwards?

To set the stage, watch this video from Simon Sinek called “Start With Why”:

Knowing Why you do what you do and How you do it matters. It determines What you do. Why –> How –> What. Let me break it down even further with this video that I created for you:

Let’s look at the key points from this video:

  • People need to understand “Why” you do what you so so it will resonate with their core values. Aligning your Why with customer core values builds loyalty and trust.
  • Why leads to How. How leads to What you do as a business.
  • A strong “Why” will define what content you put out on your social media. This content will build an audience around you.
  • You might be marketing backwards by telling people What you have to offer and How they can get it from you. They may not get the Why and feel you do not matter to them.
  • Buying is an emotional process. When people’s beliefs or core values align with your core values, they will feel good about buying what you are offering.
  • You will resonate with the customers that “Like” what you do. You cannot do business with everyone, just those whose core values align with your big “Why“. This will be your niche market of loyal customers.

So when you do business or you post to your social media, think about what you are doing. Does what you do align with the “Why” of your business? If you want to create some passionate responses around what you do, your customers must believe like you do. They will believe in what you do because they understand Why you are doing What you are doing.

For my virtual assistant friends, you are going to have to capture the “Why” from the businesses that you are representing. This is going to take a lot of work to get there. But in the end, you will be much more able to create more meaningful content and interactions for the businesses that you are working with.

So just don’t blast content out on the Internet. Post content that aligns with your “Why” and builds a passionate community around you and your business.

I am hoping that this will be the best content I have delivered to you yet. I am passionate about seeing you and your business do better. Have a great day of business 🙂