There are only 10 spots on first page Google, unless you want to place a sponsored ad. If you are not first page Google, you are going to have to be creative to drive traffic to your sites.

I have a friend, he works at a local Chamber of Commerce, who only looks at search results from the first page of Google. He does not look on the second or third pages. So if you are not first page Google, then you are not in the running for any of his business period. And by the way, more and more people are acting like this guy.

There are only 10 organic search results on first page Google. Organic results are those search results that Google finds and posts. They are not paid ads. They simply show up when people search. Ideally to drive traffic to your site, you would want to be first page. This is what I call “Being There!”

I am often asked “How do you get first page Google?” in my business. There is no quick answer for this. It is a combination of things done right over time. And just like the article I wrote yesterday on making sure you have great content for visitors to find and read, the content that you put on your sites is one of the major things that will help you in search results. Google wants relevant search results. Good content helps Google rank you higher. So feed Google good content.

Since there are only 10 spots, what do you do until you are first page Google? Here are some things that you can do to help your business be found by others:

  1. Make sure you submit a sitemap to Google, Yahoo and other possible services . They need to know what your site is about and how it is set up.
  2. Use Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and other social networking sites to create good quality links to your site(s).
  3. Make sure you add your site to as many free online business directories and other directories as possible. Feed Google with more info 🙂
  4. Make sure you include a link(s) in your Email signature to your site(s)

This is only a limited list of things you can do to help your site or sites get found until you make it to the first page of Google. These items can help you drive traffic to your site(s). You must be proactive in this. You do have control over this, because you are the one who will be doing this; unless you hire someone like Peter Sickles at AlphaSearch to do it for you. Peter’s not a bad guy.

I hope that you realize that you can help drive traffic to your site(s). It’s going to take a little time. But the sooner you start feeding Google, the sooner you can have results turning up in Google. A little bit each day can greater increase your odds of being found in search. Search results can drive traffic to your site(s) .

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