When your customers do a web search, they use certain words or  “keywords” to find what they are looking for. Keywords are an important part of driving traffic to your website or blog.

Not only can you use Twitter to drive traffic to your website or blog by including a click able link; but you can rely on the fact that customers are already searching online like crazy for the things they want. Customers are typing specific words or keywords into the search box. Realizing that keywords play a good part in driving traffic to your website or blog is important for you to know.

Let’s look at a simple example. Say that I am making a comment, either in Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. Let’s say I want to help people know that I do social media training. I can include the words “social media training” in my post , along with a destination link to my website or blog.

When people search for “social media training”, I can show up in the search engine results. Once they find the keywords in a search result, they can also find the link to my website or blog. They can then click on the link, and end up where I wanted them. I use keywords to drive traffic in all my posts, tweets or messages.

Let’s use another set of keywords. Say I have a Christmas card business. I include the words “Christmas cards” in my comment with a link to my website. People search for “Christmas cards” and I show up in a search engine results.

Then they click on the link in the search results that takes them to my Christmas card website. Once they are there, the website sells them. See how keywords are important to driving traffic.

One great tool for trying to figure what keywords are bringing people to your website is Google Webmaster tools. You sign up for this with Google. Just search webmaster tools and you can go through the process of setting things up.

Here are the first few searches that people use to get to might site:


From the results, I can see that computer, Jeff, Brown and training are the major keywords I use on my website. This can give me an idea of how people can be arriving at my website. There are more words in the list that tell me what other words people are using.

Google also has a keyword tool that you can use as well to figure out what words to use on your website or blog. Remember also, you should use these keywords in your tweets, posts and messages as well to show up in reach engine results.

You can also look at Google Insights for Search to give you a better idea of what keywords people are using when they search.

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