Are you wondering how to switch or set up an Instagram Business Profile? Here are the steps to switch an Instagram personal profile to a Business Profile.

Why make the switch from a personal to a business profile? If you are going to be using Instagram to market your business, you will need the extra options that a business profile can provide. You will get valuable analytics on your visitors when you switch to an Instagram Business Profile. Here’s how to make the switch on your mobile device.I have included screen shots to help you switch:

First three steps to set up Instagram Business Profile:

  • Click on the Learn More button
  • Click the Continue button
  • Log in to your Facebook Account – You are going to connect Instagram to your Facebook

instagram setup Business Profile

Here are the next three steps to set up Instagram Business Profile:

  • Put in your Facebook account log in information
  • If you use the Facebook Code Generator, put the code in now
  • Authorize Instagram by clicking the OK button

setup instagram Business profile

Here are the last three steps to set up Instagram Business Profile:

  • Connect your Facebook Page to the Instagram Account
  • Set up your Business Profile information
  • See the Welcome screen and click Continue

setup instagram Business profile

You will end up with the follow screen with Insights analytics top right – circled in red.

setup instagram Business profile

Now you are ready to use your Instagram Business Profile for your business.

Any questions, please use my Alpha Social Media Facebook Page comment system: Visit Facebook Page Post. It is easier to connect and comment there in close to real-time when possible.