If your business is using Facebook as a marketing tool, then you are sticking your head way out the “Internet” window. A mistake in your Facebook Profile privacy settings could cause you some personal as well as business pain. Are you vulnerable?

New Facebook Logo Social Media BusinessA quick survey of the participants in my Halifax social media program revealed several “Public” settings for Profile information; as well as the “Friends” settings. We quickly changed these Facebook Profile settings to “Friends” only. Identity theft and fake duplicate Facebook Profiles are on the rise. I see them all the time. Will you be the next victim?

First of all, I want you to visit your Facebook Profile and check your Privacy settings. Are any of them set to “Public”? You are responsible for your own security. Facebook provides the “Means” to change them. You need to select the correct settings for your privacy. By default, many of the Privacy settings are set to “Public”. Don’t just assume you are OK. Go and check them out now.

Secondly, many of us do not consider who we let have access to our Private information. Not sure how the Public sees your Profiles? How about certain individuals? You can select the “View As” function on your Facebook Profile to see who sees what on your Profile. Go and see what the Public is seeing. If you have an “Ex”, go type in their name, and see what they are seeing.

View As Facebook Profile setting

What about those photo albums too? They have privacy settings too. If you have never set the privacy on them to Friends Only, you can bet they might be more visible than you think.

Thirdly, I have been thinking about totally hiding my “Friends” list so that I can protect them from any potential fraud scam. Yes, it is coming to that. I see people setting up fake Facebook Profiles and trying to scam Profile friends. It is getting sporting out there.

So please don’t take your security for granted. It’s your identity. Safe guard it like your life depends on it. It just might in the end. Stay safe everyone.

Here’s to a great day of business for you today. Say Hi if you get a chance. Thanks.