• Basic Information about You and Your Business

  • The programs will be offered virtually in an online classroom setting this Winter in order to comply with the social distancing recommendations. Therefore, the programs must be taken on a computer, laptop, or tablet; phones will not be an acceptable device. Participants must have an Internet connection, hardwired preferred to wi-fi, high speed (no dial-up). Headset or earbuds must be used, and the participants must have a webcam, if no camera on their laptop; video participation is a requirement, to ensure the connection to the instructor and other participants. A quiet place to focus is required, free from distractions. These details will be part of the INA process.

  • Please indicate your training location.
  • Please indicate the best day time phone number to reach you at.
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  • Website Information Inquiry

    I am looking to see if you have a domain, a web host and a website.
  • You are not expected to have a domain before the program begin. I just want to know if you already have one.
    You do not have to purchase a web hosting package before program begins. Some web hosts are better than others.
  • Information about your computer and Internet

  • Please indicate whether you have a computer that you can use for building a website.
  • Please indicate name of the anti-virus program you are currently using.
  • Please indicate you level of comfort using files and folders on your computer.
  • Please tell me about your business

  • Your learning style and your wish list

  • Please indicate what you would like to see taught in this program. What are you looking for? What do you want to learn from this program? What do you hope to learn from this program?
  • The Final Stretch - You are almost done

  • You are allowed to miss two classes. Do you have the time for this program?

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