It’s been a few years now since Crime Stoppers has had the Facebook “Leave a Tip” tab as an option to report crime and create success and safety in communities. The “Leave a Tip” tab has increased the amount of high quality crime tips to Crime Stoppers programs in many global locations. It is truly making a positive difference in our communities.


Previously, Crime Stoppers only had phone and text options for people wanting to provide information about preventing and solving crimes. Today, Crime Stoppers has a powerful tool in the Facebook “Leave a Tip” tab. People can go to a Facebook page that has the “Leave a Tip” tab and submit a tip. People can click on a button that will open up a secure website, that only captures the information entered into the form, and guarantees the anonymity of the tipster. Only God will know that you did it. Crime Stopper programs only get the tip information.

Creating the Facebook “Leave a Tip” tab for Crime Stoppers has been one of the greatest achievements of my business. This is the one thing that is created the biggest impact of all that I have done so far. I have helped businesses create millions of dollars in business; but that pales in comparison to the good that the Crime Stoppers Facebook “Leave a Tip” tab has done. Many crimes are being solved with the “Leave a Tip” tab.

It brings me great joy when I get to install this tab on other Facebook pages. The bottom line is that crime costs business and communities. Preventing crime create success and safety in our communities. When the bad guys are prevented from committing their crimes upon society, the community is not burdened with their thoughtlessness actions.

In these days, we need to strengthen communities and make them more economically viable. Crime is counterproductive to this cause. Anything that people can do to prevent crime and make communities safer enhances the community bottom line. I really believe that.

Criminals need to be made to pay for their crimes, not communities. When crimes are prevented or solved, the community benefits. It is with this in mind, that I created the Crime Stoppers Facebook “Leave a Tip” tab.

If you would like to have Crime Stoppers “Leave a Tip” tab for your Facebook page, please ask. It would be a pleasure for me to install the “Leave a Tip” tab for you. Come and join the many who want to create success of safety in their communities. If you have any questions, please submit them through the Contact Us form. Remember that… “Evil prevails when good people do nothing“.

You can see the tab in action on my Facebook Page: Alpha Social Media