My friend Vanessa Roman @VanessaRomanTV and her co-host Robin Alistair Lewis @robinalistair are about to make their TV debut on Reno Versus Relocate on HGTV Canada. The Twitter hashtag #RenoVSRelocate will be used for the show.

Vanessa Roman & Robin Alistair Lewis Reno Versus Relocate HGTV

It seems that more and more shows are going with a Twitter hashtag these days. The fans want to be able to interact with the show and everyone following the show. This is great for everyone, as long as it is kept in a positive note.

It really is cool to be able to tweet with the host or co-hosts and feel like you are actually involved in the action. That’s what Vanessa and Robin hope to achieve with #RenoVSRelocate on HGTV Canada.

The show airs tonight on HGTV at 9:00 PM ET. And there has been some buzz already when I checked the site. Vanessa and Robin can use this to interact with their fans and discuss the show, the highs and the lows.

As a matter of fact, can be used by any one when they want to have a Twitter discussion around any topic. I have been personally been involved with several chats on Twitter using TweetChat. It works well for the most part. You can retweet and reply to specific people in real time. It’s actually quite fun to use. Here’s a screen shot of what Tweetchat looks like:

Tweet Chat for TV shows

Notice that TweetChat places the hashtag in every tweet. In this case, the #RenoVSRelocate hashtag. This makes tracking the conversations around this hashtag easier.

Now with lots of people on it, TweetChat can get a little sporting; but it’s one of the best ways to keep up and engage with what is being said.

So here’s to Vanessa and Robin on their show debut. All the best to both of you. Don’t they look like they could do a better job than #LoveItOrListIt ? Make sure you include them in your TV watch list tonight. 🙂