Do visitors recognize your business brand all across your social media networks? Branding across networks helps your customers and visitors recognize that they have arrived at your business.  Here’s a video I created to get my Halifax social media participants thinking about their brand.

Branding can be thought of as the look and feel of your business. When it comes to your business social media, branding helps visitors see that they have arrived at one of your social media networks. Branding helps avoid confusion. Branding can be a consistent logo or a consistent color theme.

An example would be the RBC’s royal blue color and the man with the blue suit and the black hat. When you see them, you know that you have arrived at your desired location. RBC-website-branding Do you have some consistency across your business social networks? What do visitors recognize when they arrive at your sites? One consistent part of my branding is my logo: Alpha Social Media Logo Branding My logo is present on all my sites and my social media. It is even on my shirts and jackets. There is still lots of work for me to take my brand further. But I feel I am on the right path. So what are you doing about your branding on social media? What do visitors see when they arrive at your sites? I hope that this post inspires you to think about how your brand looks on social media, and across the Internet. So here’s to a great day in business for you. All the best for a great day.