Connecting with people that have “lower Klout scores” can kill your Klout score. But it can also make good friends & generate real business. People are more important than Klout.

You will always be more important than my Klout score; period. People matter more than numbers. I make it a habit of connecting with most people on social media “who are not robots“. If I can see that you are human, I will make every effort to connect with you. If you are one-way broadcasting, now that’s a different story.

I have made so many great friends on social media. They come with a wide variety of Klout scores. I really do enjoy tweeting and Facebooking with you all. You are what makes social media meaningful to me.

Could you imagine this?…”I can’t be your friend because your Klout score is not high enough!” “Sorry I can’t date you because your Klout score is not high enough!”

I do see that connecting with others can lower your Klout score. Who really cares? Social media means thatPeople Matter” period. Maybe we ought to have “Kindness” scores instead of Klout scores. Now that would be a score worth pushing ahead for!

I saw a tweet from Klout that said that only 5% have a Klout score of 50 and above. The average score is 20. To this end, I also believe that most of us are not up all night worrying about how we can get our Klout score higher.

After all, at your funeral, people are not going to rave over your Klout score. They will remember the fact that you mattered to others. That’s what we should be truly focusing on. You can matter on social media by simply saying “Hi” and being a voice of encouragement. What ever your Klout score is, enjoy it. But remember what truly matters: people.

Connect often and encourage much!

“If women don’t find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.” – Red Green 🙂