Are You Getting Your Content Noticed? 6 Tips To Help You Do Better #ContentMarketing

Are You Getting Your Content Noticed? 6 Tips To Help You Do Better #ContentMarketing

Face it, the Internet is full of pictures, video, blog posts and information. My question to you is this…. “Are you getting your content noticed?”  As a busy, you are way to busy to be wasting your time on posting with the masses. You had better make every post the best you can. It’s visibility counts on it.

[Acknowledgement – My video includes clips from “Shark Attack! via National Geographic” and “Vietnam in HD – E04: An Endless War (1968-1969) via sairagon1988]

Do you ever feel like a blade of grass on a lawn? Well welcome to the club. I suspect that most of us feel this way and wish our content marketing efforts would pay off better. What can we do to help our business do better?

Content marketing for business

Here are some tips to help you do better. Some you may know about and some could be new to you.

  1. Never post text alone when possible. Include a picture or a video to reinforce what you are saying. A quote is fine by itself. But a picture is worth a thousand words and it will help you content get shared faster and create greater visibility. George Takei is a master of this concept on his Facebook Page.
  2. When you post something, let your friends know about it. Encourage them to share your stuff. Now this show be a reciprocal process for all parties. This might even be called a strategic alliance. You are going to need help getting your posts out there. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  3. Make sure your post falls under the category of useful or interesting. Otherwise, it is going to be hard for people to share it with their friends.
  4. Build a community around from day 1. Start helping people out with their needs. With this in mind, you might as your community what they are struggling with? If you are going to be putting content out, it might as well be helping people do better.
  5. Look for things to create and share that is different from the same old same. If you cannot find it out there on the Internet, create it yourself. People are going for fresh ideas and thinks that make them go WOW. You are now in charge of the WOW Department.
  6. Create conversations around what you are sharing. This could help you see what you shared in a new light.

I hope these 6 thoughts will get you motivated to do something different today. If you like this post, please share it with your friends and help them do better. Don’t forget to sign up for my free email updates for this blog. Until tomorrow, I wish you a great day in business.

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