This old saying is still true today…a picture is truly worth a thousand words on social media. People love to view and share pictures with their friends.

Coffee Cuba 2012

There is nothing like a picture to connect people together. People can identify better with you when they see you in a place or situation they may have been in already. Just think in this case, who can’t identify with a good cup of coffee? Maybe the tea drinkers ­čÖé

People love to share photos. Just think of all those photo sharing sites online.

Photos can help you make top stories on Facebook. This will increase your visibility in the New Feeds of others. If you have a Facebook Page, make sure you add photos for the fans. They will find them interesting and appreciate seeing a part of you and your business that they might not otherwise see.

So what’s our walk-a-way for today? Include pictures/photos in your social media.People like them. They might get shared more than your regular posts. This could help with your online visibility. So let’s get out there and share some photos.