Every time you add something to the Internet, you feed Google and the other search engines. You also increase your chances of making an opportunity happen in places like Dartmouth, Halifax, Toronto and elsewhere.

Social Media Training

I remind my clients as often as I can that to benefit from social media; they need to be present there at different times. A hit or miss strategy of every other week or every few days will not produce the results you want. A daily consistency is required to see results from social media.

Search engines are always looking for new content on a regular basis. People are searching like crazy every day. If you want to show up, you need to feed the Internet. It is that simple.

Imagine if you just opened up your business when you felt like it? How would that work? Probably not that good. Social media is a business tool that needs to be used on a regular basis as well. You need to plan when you will do your social media.

Let me offer a few suggestions to make your life easier:

  1. Use an application like Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to monitor your social media throughout the day,
  2. Use BufferApp to send some tweets out throughout the day,
  3. Use your mobile device to monitor and respond to social media event notifications,
  4. Plan to spread your social media time out throughout the day. A few minutes here, a few minutes there;
  5. Get some social media training so you can be more effective in your social media.

So if you are going to use social media, plan to use it on a regular basis. It is better not to do social media than to do it very infrequently or off and on. Social media takes effort.

So what is our walk-a-way for today? You need to have a social media plan of action that makes sense for you and your business. Social media is becoming like a telephone. You need a phone for business. Social media can be a telephone line to your customers.