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How Do I Get Listed On Twitter?

I received a question from a business owner who asked me "how do I get listed on Twitter?" I told her that I would put the answer on my blog, since the answer would help many others as well. When you look at the question, what it really is asking is this: "how do I get others [...]

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Blow Off Your Customers?

So as a business, you think you are big enough that you can blow off your customers and tell them where to go? Well you are definitely wrong. Gone are the days when businesses can tell their customers what to buy, when to buy it, how much they pay for it; and if they don't like it, [...]

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One Cup Of Search Please

One of the things I like most about the Internet and social media is the ability to search almost anything, at any time. We have heard people talking about Googling something. Now I am searching on Facebook as well. The things that you can find there are absolutely amazing to say the least. I can see what [...]

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The Value Of A Tweet

There is value in a tweet. For example Mashable wrote the following: "The car manufacturer is rewarding those who purchase a new Toyota by January 3 with a $500 debit card for tweeting about it." I believe as good as that offer sounds, Twitter has still more to offer. It remains a very valuable means [...]

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Protecting Your Social Media Accounts

There is a new attack going around on Twitter. You can read it on Mashable comments..."A new Twitter attack advertising acai berries has hijacked thousands of Twitter accounts and turned them into spammers." Between Twitter, Facebook and many other applications, you have to stay on your toes to be safe. One of the actions that [...]

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Protecting What You Build

I met a business woman who got a call from a lawyer. The lawyer told her that she had to pull down her web site and change her business name.  She had been using her business name for quite some while. I believe someone else saw her name and realized that they could take it from [...]

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Who Is Your Customer?

As a business, you should know who your customers are. This will help you connect and market effectively to them. You should have a good idea of what they like. It will help you understand how to best to get their attention. Have you given much thought to this lately? One of the great things [...]

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Change Your Marketing Strategy? Are You Crazy?

You are new to social media and you are trying to figure out what to do next. You think that it's all new and you are going to have to reinvent the wheel to make it work. That's where you could be very wrong. To help my clients understand what they should be doing on [...]

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Social Media For Law Enforcement

Having worked with law enforcement and Crime Stoppers, I have learned a few things that many don't get to see. I have also had the privilege of being the first person to help Crime Stoppers "Leave a Tip" anonymously via Facebook. I created the "Leave A Tip" tab on Facebook for Crime Stoppers. This gives Crimes Stoppers [...]

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Equipping Your Business Customers

As social media consultants and trainer, it is important that we equip businesses to function on their own. The only example that I can think of that does not apply to this is when businesses hire us to do their social media posts for them.  It bothers me that some consultants or trainers give their customers just [...]

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