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The Light House Concept

The building of an E-Community A few communities in Canada and the United States have become Learning Communities. The whole vision of these communities is focused on learning. They work to help increase literacy and foster ideas that promote learning as a way of life. Whether at work or at home, learning is the focus. [...]

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Your Online Privacy

Keeping Your Business Safe Online The new Time magazine coming out May 31, 2010 will feature on its front cover Facebook; and how they are redefining our privacy. I have always believed that if you are going to put anything online, you should consider that it might go public at any time. I have mentioned [...]

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Get Rid of Twitter Noise

Introducing Eric Kim's Twylah Twylah is a new tool that will help you be more effective on Twitter. It will help eliminate much of the noise and it will allow you to get down to business. Here are some comments that Eric Kim is saying about Twylah: • Average 'engagement' time with a tweet ranges [...]

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Social Media Essential Skills

Helping Your Customers Understand Social Media As a workplace educator in the province of Nova Scotia, I see a lot of business owners trying to understand how social media will improve their business. Social media is still so new that the warranty is still not off it. Many businesses are still waiting to see what [...]

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